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Jan '12 - Oct '13

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    Danielle Choi
    Aug 30, '12 3:00 AM EST

    I was designing a garden for an ex-boyfriend who moved out west and proposed an Ocotillo fence for a garden to be inhabited mostly by his dashschund. Nothing ever happened of it (as far as I know), and I shelved the idea for a couple of years. With the prospect of doing work in Texas,  I'm ready to revisit the idea. It's a pretty neat little plant. Cacti fences, like the one at the Kahlo/Rivera residence in Mexico City, sometimes look a little, well, flaccid, though there are some gorgeous ones. 

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Early 21st C. design pedagogy and practice privilege the blurring of landscape architecture, building architecture, and urbanism. While the integration of environmental and built systems holds great promise for designers, the generalist impulse can obscure the value of specialization and experience, especially when working in the medium of living systems. This blog seeks to demystify landscape architecture, working not to reinforce differences in title, but foster mutual understanding.

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