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    Ladies of the Lower Colorado River Authority

    Danielle Choi
    Jul 16, '12 11:28 PM EST

    They say there are few natural lakes in Texas - some say none, but I'm not in the business of lake counting. . . The Texas Highland Lakes are undisputedly manmade, created as the Lower Colorado River authority (LCRA) slung a series of dams down the Colorado River (no, not THAT Colorado River) during the 1930s, 1940s, and early 1950s. In doing some research on the construction of these dams, I came across some remarkable photos on the LCRA Flickr page. They're remarkable in their earnest and patriotic faith in the manipulation of the natural environment - and some are beautiful photos, to boot - and radiate a sense of pride and excitement in the potential of infrastructure that is hardly present these days. 

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    • clint.langevin

      Looks a lot like the earnest propaganda that came out when FDR created the TVA during the great depression.

      Jul 17, 12 8:33 am

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