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    urban transitions

    Patrick Beseda
    Jun 4, '12 6:44 PM EST

    I made the move to Denver this weekend. I had way too much stuff in my old apartment and now with a smaller space and even with the enormous amount of stuff I got rid of on Craigslist and the good old landfill, I still have way too much stuff in my new apartment. I had no idea a person could collect so many things they didn’t even remember they owned. Whats even more perplexing is that even in the face of things not seen for 6-12 months or longer, one still has an attachment to those things and doesn’t really want to see them go. Until they’re gone that is. Being free of all of that added junk is a weight removed and refreshing.

    I’m now settling in to a single room in the Curtis Park/Five Points area of Denver. So far it is much different than the quiet (silent and dark), calm, sleepy town of Golden. So for the next few months of the summer I’ll be adjusting to some form of city life.

    Here’s a short list of things I expect for this summer:

    To walk a lot more
    To drive a lot less
    To spend more on food (and drinks)
    To spend more time hanging out with friends and family (brother)
    To spend less time cooped up in my room
    To learn as much as possible about Parks and Recreation (I’m an intern for the city of Denver)
    To spend more time and energy on my own work (art, architecture, etc.)


    We’ll see if any of this comes to pass, I’ll be sure to reflect on this a few times throughout the summer.


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