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    Rome, Week One: Forum Romanum + Palatine Hill

    By jtwang
    Jan 14, '12 8:47 AM EST

    In spring of fourth year, Iowa State architecture students have the option to study in Rome for the semester. This year, 35 architecture students and 2 landscape architecture students have chosen to take advantage of this opportunity.

    As part of our first week of classes, we've been introduced to Rome through a series of walking tours that have taken us through the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Forum Boarium, and the suburb Primavalle.


    January 12: Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill with Jan Gadeyne

    Jan Gadeyne is an archaeologist and historian, and an expert on Ancient Rome. The walk through the Forum and Palatine Hill lasted 3 hours and introduced us to many of the essential architectural monuments of early Roman history.Jan introducing us to materials of the Forum.

    "As you can see, we are inside of a kickass building."

    Forum viewed from the Palatine Hill.

    After this, I plan to make a post on our tour of Forum Boarium and Primavalle.



    • justavisual

      Jan is the best!!

      Jan 15, 12 2:08 am

      I had Jan as instructor when I was in Rome in 2004.  I'll never forget him, hands down one of the most memorable instructors and voices I've ever met.  Great to see him again here!

      Jan 16, 12 12:22 am

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