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    1/2 ass

    Nikhil Shah
    Dec 13, '10 3:31 PM EST

    so we got checklists after the final review? what the fuck?

    comments from said checklist:

    "why this bldg form"

    "attitude undermines the project... don't be smug"

    "are you thumbing your nose or making simple architecture... not making magic. idea has not been developed."

    "interior sections are flat. bad acoustics, bad temperature swings."

    "loaded with opportunities, but many are missed."

    another semester of not giving a shit.


    • santa monica

      Did the jurors bring up those points during the review or were you blindsided with the list afterwards?

      Dec 13, 10 6:49 pm

      I love this though: "1/2 ass"

      Dec 14, 10 12:09 pm

      Fuck them. Sounds like the instructor has an extremely fragile ego that needs to be protected by putting others down.

      This sort of emotional vomit has no place in the realm of useful criticism.

      *shakes head sadly*

      Dec 15, 10 6:04 am

      Is it possible your mantra of "not giving a shit" is just a way of avoiding putting yourself out there as a designer? If I can intuit your personality from your post - you're the guy/girl who burns a lot of calories in studio trying to convince everyone that the instructor is a totally inept asshole who doesn't understand design. Perhaps you should refocus that energy on pushing your technique and developing your voice. After school that's all that will really matter to you.

      Dec 15, 10 7:24 pm

      That checklist should have been given at a midterm, so you could have gone over it with the instructor and get to the root of those issues. As a handout after the final that is somewhat slim if meant to be "constructive criticism."


      ... I never thought thumbing ones nose or making simple architecture were mutually exclusive.

      Dec 16, 10 2:58 am


      i guess you don't have balls either
      i am a unicorn motherfucker

      Dec 18, 10 10:59 am

      well said disinfect. you got me.

      Dec 20, 10 12:11 pm

      by the nose, too!

      i can be cynical, big deal. lets focus on the topic at hand - how we conduct critiques as students, jurors, and instructors.

      Dec 28, 10 1:32 pm


      perhaps I was a bit bitchy when I posted the first time, but I still stand by my point that getting into pissing matches with professors is a useless exercise. Regardless of how the instructor acted during the review, it sounded like you never even though for a second that they may have a point. Are you POSITIVE that your sections really weren't flat and your concept was totally developed. All I'm really trying to say (and I actually mean this in an honest way) is that in the end architecture school has a lot more to do with developing yourself than it does with proving something to a professor.

      Best in the future

      Dec 28, 10 3:20 pm

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