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    one and a half months in...

    Nikhil Shah
    Oct 3, '10 5:16 PM EST

    and i'm still adjusting? to re-cap i spent the past year working/bummin' in california and now i'm back wrapping up my bachelors of architecture (one year).

    i never would have thought adjusting would be this hard, probably why people don't return to school for a while after they leave. more recently... things seem to be more under control.

    raleigh as a city has gotten to be more of itself, hipsters etc, not a bad thing. too much to do every weekend, though.

    the fifth year program at state has taken a turn from what I remember, mostly because of a change in faculty (certain folk retiring). the structure of the studio is more... flexible in terms of process and presentation, but certain things (stipulations) have me wondering about program-accreditation (are there minimums?)...

    so this is lindsey, probably one of my favoritest people in the world. lindsey lives on a diet of mountain dew, peanut butter, nutter butter bars and bojangles. she doesn't sleep very much, but is one of the most cheerful people i've ever met. i think we might move to brooklyn, charleston, or tokyo after graduation.

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