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    01 - Finding Your Legs

    By Matthew
    Oct 1, '09 11:20 AM EST

    Greetings Archinect community; I'm finally, after some weeks of "finding my legs," getting around to the rhythms of this blog.

    Briefly, a little exposition about how I ended up in Princeton, NJ. I grew up in Kentucky, went to school at the wonderful University of Kentucky (B.A. Architecture), and worked in Rotterdam/New York City for the past two years. I'm very connected to my hometown (Lexington), and I try to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Past experiences involve everything from exhibition design at the New Museum and the NAI, architectural projects around the country, and research on affordable housing/urban revitalization. I'll be completing the three year M.Arch and supplanting this core course work with a certificate in Urban Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School.

    I'd like to, from the start, be transparent about my intentions for this forum. One of my interests, and frustrations, regards the culture of architectural education, and the role of identity in the student's career. More than just recording my experiences here at Princeton, I'm hoping to use this blog as a way to interrogate the changing role of education in our profession and how these processes might evolve in the near future. And as such, I'm really hoping to generate as much feedback as possible - bring it!

    To summarize the start of the school year:

    1. Living - I've been lucky enough to land in a wonderful off-campus home just beyond campus. I'm living with four other students of architecture in what has been a unanticipated locus of good food, friends, and stability.

    2. Studio - As a first year student, I'm starting off in Stan Allen's 501 studio with nine others. The first half of the semester will exercise our spatial thinking with 4 short, quick, and intense design exercises on sites around the Princeton campus. I'm flummoxed and fired-up by these rapid fire assignments; and, to be honest, a bit tired!

    3. Running - I've must insert this greedy aside into my description; coming from Brooklyn, I've been awed by the miles and miles of beautiful running trails around the area. (My stress-reliever!)

    4.Pidgin - The launch of Princeton SoA's student journal, Pidgin Magazine, took place at Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO, Brooklyn last Friday evening. It was really great to see everyone outside the normal confines of the architecture building to celebrate this great publication.

    5. Lecture Series - The lecture series, organized each semester by a particular faculty member, is called "Down the Garden the Path" this semester. The first lecturer, R. P. Harrison, used phenomenology to situate the garden as a redemptive, essentializing trope of human cultivation. While incredibly nimble, the talk seemed to list to far to the professorial end of the spectrum. But overall, I think that theme (garden and not landscape) is a fruitful one, particularly for me, given my interests in sustainable agriculture and food policy.

    6. IABR - The Internationale Architectuur Biennale Rotterdam opened last week! The American section, sub-curated by Interboro Partners in Brooklyn, NY was my summer project. I'm really happy to see the results.

    I'm looking forward to writing more about life in this little hamlet, and about my evolution over the next - gasp - three years! Feel free to contact my with any questions or comments.




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      Oct 1, 09 11:27 am  · 
      Kamu Kakizaki

      how long did you spend working before deciding on grad school? i'm a BA Arch as well...

      and btw, keep up updated! i want to hear from Princeton, but there aren't that many!

      Oct 4, 09 3:30 pm  · 

      have you been to marketfair yet?

      Oct 25, 09 10:04 pm  · 

      '..... worked in Rotterdam/New York City for the past two years....'

      Oct 31, 09 10:20 pm  · 

      It's been 31 days since your first entry. We would love to hear more about the Princeton tell...

      Oct 31, 09 10:21 pm  · 

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