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    2nd place in the U.C. Berkeley Prize & a 3rd place travel fellowship?

    May 31, '09 8:53 PM EST

    I wrote a paper in the fall for the international U.C. Berkeley prize in architecture.

    [ did anyone else submit a paper to this competition? If so, I'd really like to read it. I'm curious what other people wrote about. Please post it here if it fits in the comments, or post a link to it.]

    I just learned on Saturday that I was awarded second place in the essay competition. I have no idea how many entries there were, but in past years there have typically been over 120 essays submitted, which makes me feel good.

    And I learned a few weeks ago that I was awarded a travel fellowship from them too, so I'm going to get to travel to London & Dublin to study several buildings I proposed and to participate in a brick volunteering extravagaanza to help rebuild the Cotswall canals [its a long story].

    2nd place + 3rd place = 1st place? I'm not sure either.

    Its good news either way, and frankly I'm just happy that the little thoughts that flood my brain are being articulated into something that evidently has legs to stand on. For years I've just thought I was crazy.

    You can read the 2nd place paper here [I hear its actually not boring. Even my parents who have no interest in architecture enjoyed reading it, which was the real test]:

    And read about the architecture travel fellowship that I'll be doing in August here:



    • Congrats

      May 31, 09 11:00 pm

      well done!

      Jun 1, 09 2:50 pm

      very nice news,!!

      Jun 1, 09 7:54 pm

      Hi Tyler,

      Congrats firstly on the prizes. Secondly, I was wondering if you could give me so insight on what school is like at Dalhousie? I am tying to decide rgiht now between two schools, Dalhousie being one. I noticed on your blog before that you are LEED certified. What do you think of Dalhousie in terms of sustainability research/innovation, do they incorporate it into their teaching, is it a given, or is it not really emphasized? Also would you recommend the program in general in terms of facilites/teaching/support/resources?

      I would love to hear some/any of your thoughts, if you have time. My email is Thanks!


      Jun 4, 09 1:24 am

      Sweet! Now update your blog so I can decide if I want to transfer to Dal!

      Mar 3, 10 2:50 am

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