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    Susan Surface
    Apr 13, '09 1:16 AM EST

    I've been wanting to do a "blogs I like" post for a while, and now is as good a time as ever, I suppose. It's a bit of a guilty secret, but I rarely read architecture blogs. Not even the big, famous ones. I do follow the architecture, art and design blogs of a few friends, but it's mainly because they're my friends and I like to see what's on their minds.

    I recently started following a lot of other blogs, though. It was only about a year ago that I discovered blog aggregators, specifically, Google reader. How embarrassing - I've been using the internet for 14 years (and by the way, I'm 27 now, not 26) and never followed any blogs until last year because I had no idea that you didn't need to obsessively go through bookmarks all the time to get the latest updates. I have been publicly online for a while, but I am basically obtuse when it comes to developments in the use of the internet. Including innovations that have been making other people's lives easier for years.

    So, here are some favorite blogs. It's a motley list. And linked to specific favorites. There are other blogs I enjoy greatly but they don't update often so I am just including the ones that update at least every few days or so.

    Wheelchair Dancer is probably my favorite blog right now. This is one of the blogs that designers should add to their lists en masse. You'll get some interesting points of view and learn a lot, and the writing is good too. It's really good, insightful personal narrative, always a good story. It's obvious from the name, but the author is a wheelchair user who danced & dances. There have been many times I've read this blog and a thousand little sparkles went off in my head and I felt like I was growing more brains. That's the power of WCD! I will want to use the "tiny sparkles" comment again, so I won't, but it's true of most of the blogs I am going to post here. That's why I read them.

    Right to Design is the second of my top two. Bess is a disability historian/theorist/scholar (forgive if I've got the designations wrong!) at University of Delaware and the blog isabout universal design, with great understanding of it from a designer's side of things too.

    Taking Up Too Much Space focuses on gender, trans thoughts, feminist theory. Another "must read" for... well, in my opinion, most of humanity. This is an intense blog.

    Home of the Vain is my best friend in the whole world's photography blog and it's pretty beautiful. And yes. I consented to that photo.

    guerrilla mama medicine definitely blew my mind with this entry specifically on "We don't need another anti-racism 101" and I have grown to really love the interweaving of poetry & politics written here.

    Shameless Magazine is brought to us by Canadians! I especially appreciated this entry, which is about another website on ecological and social justice called This probably doesn't belong here because it's not really a blog. But whatever. It's one of the rare sites that features a reasonably holistic and explicitly anti-racist stance about ecological issues. I get frustrated with most green blogs so I basically avoid them. I get angry with the green blog network's consistent failure to reiterate that sustainability encompasses social justice and financial sustainability as much as it does the input-output of our collected metabolic processes. Basically I've come to think of "green" as an inherently clueless and privileged take on environmentalism, of "green" as not actually sustainable in any meaningful sense. BUT. This site here is reclaiming the word "green" for me. I know plenty of people use it well but I have gotten disillusioned for a bit. Thanks,

    Big Fat Blog is a blog about fat acceptance. It's holding down a serious fort of awesome in the face of a lot of bigotry right now.

    10 Things Zine was a zine that existed when I first started going to shows and getting out of the house. Now it's a blog and it always evokes a warm and happy nostalgia for me!


    • gardenx

      One of my personal favorites...

      Apr 13, 09 9:44 pm

      Thanks for that! I hope more lurky-loos post their favorite blogs up here!

      Apr 13, 09 10:25 pm
      brian buchalski

      most of my preferred blogs are for football...other than that i'm a fan of toca-me...maybe you'll like too:

      Apr 14, 09 7:21 pm

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