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    Please stop post-rationalizing your designs.

    Feb 18, '09 10:20 PM EST

    Its so ridiculous the shit people string together to rationalize their designs. I mean, I don' t give a shit if someone has a fucking story as long as they're making good/beautiful buildings that respond to their context.

    The architecture community has spent so many years trying to fill the void that stark modernism created that they've started believing their own lies. How are invented stories - rationale - for each design better than the "outdated" historical references of the beaux-arts and neo-classical? They're not.

    Fuck referential architecture. Just respond to the goddamed [climactic, landscape, neighbouring] context, and make something beautiful. End of story.


    • Amen...

      Feb 18, 09 11:04 pm

      well said

      Feb 19, 09 5:40 am
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      disagree completely and utterly. post-rationalisation is an important part of the design process. post-rationalising one project is pre-rationalising the next one.

      ... and you dislike referential architecture, but you want architecture to refer to its context and a concept of what beautiful is?

      Feb 19, 09 5:38 pm

      i think you want what you hate in others. what you mean to write is that you want people to rationalise their work according to YOUR criteria not their own.

      having a story to tell is without a single doubt in my mind one of the most important parts of architecture. it is essential to the academic world, the popularly pressed world, and it is also incredibly important to clients. sorry to say but humans seem to like narrative.

      perhaps you should admonish your peers to tell better stories.

      Feb 19, 09 9:09 pm

      I would also have to add that what's beautiful is completely subjective. To make the analogy to film, it would be like saying Titanic was the best movie ever because it clearly entertained the masses and made millions of people experience heart wrenching emotions when Dicaprio dies (I think I just puked in my mouth a bit, by the way). It would also mean that the reasons we acclaim movies like, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Citizen Kane, The Godfather etc etc. are good without reason other than they're "beautiful." How insulting to the film makers. In the same sense, don't you feel it's a little self demeaning to think of the profession you're delving into as something more than just whimsical ideas of what's pretty?

      Past comments are right about context...that's a reference point. Adhering to context in, say, Paris, is inherently referential to history and culture. And don't you think something objective like, climate, has an effect on the culture and identity of the people. people the north have a different identity than those in the south, and I do think climate (amongst a number of things) plays a part in creating that. So yeah, context is inherently referential in my opinion.

      Feb 19, 09 11:02 pm

      I thought about this on my own today before reading this.

      And my thought:

      I long for the egotistical architect. When the architect wrote a manifesto to tell the world what he thought...and his charisma sold the thought.

      Instead of the hyper-rationalist data-manipulator who tells the world they want his design because it's the best based on the data, graphs, etc.....oh yea...and it just happens to have this nice form that I've been forcing the data to adhere to. Or that is objectively generated out of subjective data.

      Feb 20, 09 12:08 am

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