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    Some work from the Spring 2008 semester

    By PaulAM
    Jan 20, '09 7:39 PM EST

    I am going to show some work from the spring semester of 08 (if I figure out how this image downloading works) before dealing with more up to date matters. Just to be honest and give as full a record of my ideas as is appropriate.

    I hesitate to show this stuff because I will come off as arrogant to some people. My personality is very critical, of myself and those in power or cooperating with those in power. And some of the writing is intentionally exaggerated.

    There actually is no such thing as the powerless being arrogant towards the powerful. The elite have no right to my being polite to them. They are my adversaries. Starchitects and wannabe starchitects especially.

    I would never be critical of the powerless in the same nasty way I tend to be critical of those with power.

    But as one teacher pointed out, dissidents are rarely truly welcome in the society they criticize.

    The following are combination sketches and essays from a class called, ‘Introduction to the Built Environment of New York’. The professor was a superb, imperious fellow, Lance Brown, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of New York history and an entertainingly eloquent manner of speaking. A compelling lecturer.

    Each assignment had a theme as noted in the title.

    By the way, the last phrase in Assignment No.8, analyzing the apartment tower at Astor Place by Gwathmey Seigel, is not meant to be taken literally. Just in case there are any Homeland Security Paranoid types out there.


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    • dia

      I wouldnt say arrogant, I'd say indignant... Calling Astor Place a piece of fecal matter is a little over the top [okay, the building isnt special or worthy in my opinion either, but neither are 95% of all other buildings]. It just sort of amounts to a diatribe against the rich.

      Jan 21, 09 5:01 pm

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