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    video interlude

    Susan Surface
    Nov 9, '08 3:14 PM EST

    This video for "Corporate Cannibal" by Grace Jones is incredible. (Sorry, I don't know how to embed video, or if we can do it at all.)


    • Hey Susan, you can embed the video by copy/pasting the "embed code" from the Youtube page for the video.

      Nov 9, 08 4:35 pm

      Oh, so this part is HTML... who knew!

      Nov 9, 08 5:50 pm

      is 'corporate cannibal' better than 'smooth criminal'?

      Nov 9, 08 7:12 pm

      Grace is back!!! So rad. I hope this video was made with those wacky effects in Photobooth on a mac.

      Nov 10, 08 5:56 am

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