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    Poetics vs Poetry

    Nikhil Shah
    Apr 14, '08 10:58 AM EST

    Tzonis' lecture was on systems, analytic to heuristic to.... analogous and didactic. He spoke at length about processes, poetics vs poetry, and briefly about his case study, Calatrava. Structuralism, joy, were all mentioned in the process. I really like him.

    He's writing a book about forgotten participants in architectural history... a few of which taught at NC State, which put him in the archives for most of his time during the day. Part of it is related to the technological history of our school - Buckminister Fuller, Eduardo Catalano - and that feeds into his argument about structural didactics.


    So our studio final got put on pause to do an installation - a structure to support two objects above the kiva outside the grad school. We chose one scheme out of all our entries, a giant steel cube, approximately 22' in height rotated in two axis 45 degrees and place on top of the kiva. We've had a week to do it and it's been hell. I'll have photos up next post.

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      Dang it!

      I missed the talk!

      By what i heard about it, it was excellent!!!


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      Apr 2, 09 9:57 am

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