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    Parking Deck Piazza, Pt 1

    Nikhil Shah
    Apr 2, '08 11:57 PM EST

    The semester is coming to a close, and we kind of have a final project. Maybe. More of a charrette, another one. More of a charrette because of the time span, not the project itself. Well the project is vague in a lame way. A recreation center(bullshit?) with no fixed program, just a menu to pick and choose(bullshit?). It's also pseudo mixed use due to a requirement of retail space(no fixed sq footage) and due to the site(Glenwood Ave? Path? Border? Neighborhood? Urban? Edge?).

    So digital models, blue foam, collage, sections. The site is adjacent to a parking deck so I'm trying to make use of that, except the double-tees aren't oriented in a favorable manner for intervention.

    Link goes to video.

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