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    Nikhil Shah
    Dec 16, '07 2:30 PM EST

    I guess only two people have read this book entirely, one of them being Alvin Toffler, because the poor bastard had to write it.

    Classes are over, I got two more exams, one in history and structures. We had Roger Clark and Pat Rand on the review. Both FAIA, I think.

    Studio professor didn't want any sort of documentation - the review was the last time we saw him. I guess he hated our work as much as we did.


    • StewartARC

      *If a sidebar isn't minded
      what is NC State University's ARC program like? Is it a "good" program? Does it suit your personal standards (if so, what were/are they?)? ...Are you just attending for the benefit of in-state tuition...?

      I'm new to NC and this info would be a plus from an actual attendant, the NC State and UNC Charlotte comparison seems to be somewhat like apples and oranges thus far.

      A brief (or if time and preference permits, detailed) response would be greatly appreciated,


      Dec 16, 07 8:38 pm
      vado retro

      hell man we read future shock in high school back in the late 70's!

      Dec 18, 07 9:50 pm

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