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    Followup: Michael Speaks Rotterdam 2007

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 21, '07 1:08 AM EST

    After the lecture were seminars, one day after the other.

    The first one was more or less a follow-up and clarification of the lecture. The whole discourse is greater than Rotterdam, but Rotterdam makes a great case study for how practice is changing.

    The second seminar was titled "Design Intelligence" and it's form and content were a function of how many people attended.


    • won and done williams

      thanks for the follow-up, ns. it's a shame more students didn't attend the seminars. design intelligence is michael's main schtick. curious to understand how he relates it to rotterdam, or if he's talking about the types of practices coming out of rotterdam using d.i.?

      Sep 21, 07 12:41 pm

      He was talking about the Super Dutch movement and what I guess you might call post-urbanism. Not many projects, but a diversity of approaches that talks more about intelligence gathering than idea imposing.

      Sep 25, 07 8:17 pm

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