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    Nikhil Shah
    Apr 26, '08 12:59 PM EST

    So things are wrapping up around here. Our studio took down the installation yesterday and now we're brainstorming where to install some of the scraps...

    There is a video of the crane work involved, and approximately 4 gigs worth of photos to go through. NewRaleigh put up an article on it, too.

    We had a review on our documentation of said cube which turned out to be pretty interesting. Lots of photos, drawings, paintings even. It was a good reminder of how much of a jerk I can be at times.

    There's still the matter of the Louis Sullivan brick competition ($$$), meaning I'll be working on the previous-assigned final project of a building or something. I'm planning on working on a video... maybe a few collage renderings and a section.

    The D492C Materials + Experience exhibit is coming together, all that's left to do is the video. The exhibit reception is this friday.

    Then there is the matter of moving to San Diego for a summer internship, which is in one and a half weeks, post radiohead show.

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    • koboldstudios

      Sweet. Radiohead rules. You should let us know how that goes!

      Apr 28, 08 4:35 pm

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