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    NC State Lecture Series Spring 2008

    Nikhil Shah
    Jan 10, '08 5:48 PM EST

    02/04 Architecture Lecture: Dr. Alberto Pérez-Gómez
    03/24 Architecture Lecture: Herman Hertzberger
    04/07 Architecture Lecture: Alexander Tzonis
    04/14 Architecture Lecture: Jeanne Gang

    So few?


    • Studio Gang?


      Jan 10, 08 9:43 pm

      perez-gomez is a don't-miss. despite the fact that he uses no images, i was completely enthralled. brilliant.

      Jan 11, 08 6:59 am

      i agree with steven, do not miss perez-gomez

      Jan 11, 08 10:55 am

      His work seems fascinating and almost revisionist.
      No images...
      Is that traditionalist/reactionary or super-avant?

      Jan 11, 08 6:06 pm

      you will love the hertzberger ! not to be missed -- is it going to be recorded?

      Jan 14, 08 8:46 am

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