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Jul '07 - Jan '12

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    NC State Lecture Series Fall 2007

    Nikhil Shah
    Aug 15, '07 12:12 AM EST

    September 17
    Architecture Lecture: Michael Speaks

    September 27
    PhD Lecture: Chris Conley, Illinois Institute of Technology/Institute of Design

    October 8
    PhD Lecture: Sharon Poggenpohl, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    October 1
    Architecture Lecture: Wayne Place

    October 22
    Architecture Lecture: Paul Lukez

    November 5
    Architecture Lecture: Esa Piironen

    November 8
    PhD Lecture: Terry Irwin, Schmacher College/UK

    November 19
    Architecture Lecture: Keller Easterling

    December 3
    Architecture Lecture: Andrew Freear

    Think thats it.

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