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    (003) What would you ask Peter Eisenman?

    By word!
    Oct 9, '06 9:12 PM EST

    Peter is coming to UC on Thursday for the 10 year anniversary of the Aronoff addition to the DAAP complex. Although I have spent the last 6 years in one of his designs (I actually like this building), I have never really been a fan of his and I only have some familiarity with his work (that being the studies we did in our history and criticism class).

    Since I'm not the best candidate for posing a question to him...and also since everyone will ask him questions about the Aronoff building (since it is his first time back), this is my outlet for generating possible questions (and fulfilling my archinect blog obligation in one fell swoop)...

    What you would you ask Peter, why?

    And what opinion do you have of him as an architect/ professional/ professor / other?


    • treekiller

      can I date your daughter?- she's a babe!

      how do leaky buildings deconstruct our understanding of architecture?

      Oct 9, 06 9:27 pm

      does he give two shits about the DAAP building?

      why does he say Rem is the best architecture he could put on his dream team?

      Oct 9, 06 9:36 pm

      i last visited DAAP in 1999. On the railing outside the east entrance someone had written in cigarette ash the funniest thing I have ever seen:

      "I asked the EIFS what it wanted to be..."

      Oct 9, 06 10:17 pm

      What kind of pornography does he like?

      Why does he come off as such an ass?

      Oct 10, 06 12:35 am
      Arnaud M.

      I missed his lecture in Toronto last week, and I didn't even feel guilty.

      Oct 10, 06 7:48 am

      You said in one of your self proclaimed famous speeches in 1976, "My most important goal in life is to cull all my detractors". Well, have you?

      Oct 10, 06 10:26 am

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