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    Velocity of Program

    By Sir Arthur Braagadocio
    Oct 3, '06 8:54 PM EST

    not sure if Winka Dubbeldam was the first to say that but the phrase is way cool - "Velocity of Program"

    had our first graded pin-up, fairly intense i imagine, but its been 5 years since i had a serious pin-up. i think i did alright. started experimenting with simple tensigrity simplexes in 3dMax using the "Reactor" plug-in for stuctural analysis. gravity is cool...and then I did this quick animation of what the architecture could look like with a double skin made up of zillions of tensegrity structures in a an extremely unstable state (dyanmic).

    unstable = cool
    stable = boring

    seems i am finally caught up, except i need to learn some Rhino code tonight for Form and Algorithms and the big NLSO conference is this week...and the walking brain Sanford Kwinton will be there.

    he lectured once at my undergrad school KU (kansas) and all I remeber was: neuroscientists, waves, and polynesian men capable of finding islands via a shaved scrotum on the front of the boat picking up wave signals thats all i remember and i swear he said that.

    spent today in NYC working and have a conference call with one of my business partners in Florida about jobs tonight, in 15 minutes, time flies...also long conversation about the structure of metamechanics with a partner in DC. did you know you could make an LLC and list names of people you know without them signing anything? i know internal rules govern a company, but what governs my signing you up without you knowing??

    had this cool of cells, white Vray animation, classical music intro to a perfect world of symmetry, then some dude (have an actor in mind, small time, know the guy) rambling the words of Deleuze's intro to R&D and bam drops a match when he mentions Rhizome, and all chaos breaks loose, the city becomes dynamic, and the whole time "Disorder" is playing in the background by Ice-T and Slayer....narrative to comic strip blips, and porn in the background of course, in the v-ray neighborhood of red...fuzzy porn, can't present porn in a jury can you? because porn is never part of perfect symetrical world.

    by the way, biological cells will self-desctruct if the pressure is there structurally.


    • holy crap, meta. go home, get some sleep.

      Oct 3, 06 8:56 pm

      you're likely to pick up more than wave signals with a shaved scrodum.

      Oct 3, 06 8:59 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      i did, 12 hours of it. i guess i can't say porn on archinect right, and i swear sanford kwintor said that.

      Oct 3, 06 8:59 pm
      vado retro

      designing disorder is the cowards way out...

      Oct 3, 06 10:19 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      what year did you graduate from KU? (i went there as well)

      I'll have to ask Sanford about the scrotum comment in class...

      Oct 4, 06 3:35 am
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      2002. let me know if he confirms it? we had running jokes for years after that lecture, i think he gave the lecture my sophomore year, so either fall of 1998 or spring of 1999, so 7 years ago or so.

      Oct 4, 06 5:10 am
      small architecture

      "velocity of program" i have racked my brain on this one for a couple minutes. and i can't process it. it sounds like doublespeak to me. maybe you could explain why you find it "way cool". or maybe a context that it would have some meaning.

      Oct 4, 06 4:28 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      pretty simple...program in architecture is based on actions of human beings in certain spaces. human beings move. movement through space can be described by a velocity, i.e. movement from point a to point b, etc.... getting dressed, sleeping, showering, sprinting, blue collar work, white collar work, all vary in speed and the program accomadates it in someway. the phrasing is slightly poetical and gives the mind a great image of how form may perhaps accomadate varying speeds of movement.

      think of racquet ball, you could say the "velocity of program" of this game is "confronted" by a very opposing non-accomadting environment, hence the action of "velocity of program" is stopped with abrupt force and the action of racquet ball requires the user to aggressively respond to its aggrersive attacks via the ball on the form containing the program...

      i could do this all day, let me know if you need more...

      i will admit, i do cringe when someone says a building "negotiates"...

      Oct 4, 06 5:16 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      not to be too technical but...

      how does one rack a brain?
      how does one double speak?

      there is more value in the meaning of the phrase "velocity of program" than the two phrases you used. how is there value? the technical definition can be tied to something even more technical, geometry and physics...the words relate to reality as the number "1" relates to the countin of "1" object.

      linguistics. linguistics. linguistics.

      Oct 4, 06 5:53 pm

      you sure you had enough sleep?

      Oct 5, 06 12:05 am

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