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    (002) a couple of quotes and a mini thesis rant

    By word!
    Oct 2, '06 7:06 PM EST

    Nothing interesting really going on yet with thesis, just a lot of reading, so I thought I'd share a few quotes from a reading that I found amusing. I really wish I could post the whole piece but it's long and copyrighted...

    The quotes are from a book called "Architecture in Transition," and the quotes are by Michael Sorkin from his piece titled Ninteen Millennial Mantras.It's essentially a mini-manifesto. I found it so great that it should be required reading for everyone in architecture. So pick it up and read it (it's a cheap book) .

    here's the first mantra to give you an ideal of the style and tone of writing.

    "1. If Words Fail, Grunt

    To begin the game, you've got to put the signifier into play. Fold paper, close your eyes, stab the dictionary, pick your nose and examine the product carefully, watch TV day and night, look up your ass with a mirror. Although we all crawel before we fly, architecture is no universal language, not for long at any rate. It's true, though, that useful beginnings will tend to be on all fours, the most modest statical condition. Later we learn to boogie. "

    and another selected mantra:

    "4. No More Second-Hand Superego
    I don't exactly know why your unconscious should become my folklore. Why should anyone be bothered by the return of someone else's repressed? Once we're adults, we can try to be clear about the engines that regulate us, we can fight to make a choice. If you'd rather have Einstein than the Brothers Grimm at bedtime, so be it. If you prefer Shaka Khan to Jaques Lacan, let's disco! Some caution, however, seems prudent. There's somebody under that Mickey Mouse costume and it isn't clear that he's friendly. Whenever we dance, I think I feel his grip on my wallet. Go to hell, Mickey! An architect needs sharp teeth, ready to bite the invisible hand. "

    there are more, 19 total, and each one is hilarious. Maybe I find his writing so amusing because I am really irritated by architecture now. Everything I read has basically relegated architecture obsolete. Information is the new mode of society. There was once an achitecture of the industrial age, post modern age, age of science... and now what is the architecture of the information age?
    what constitutes architecture of the information age... ?
    Information is an invisible force, cellphones, gps, internet... it is ubiquitous, so what can architecture do?
    Does the exterior matter anymore when what is important is the information created, stored and disseminated in structures that are outside of our professional/ design realm?

    ... this is one of the topics i will be dealing with for thesis.



    • treekiller

      what is UC DAAP?
      is that UC davis???
      didn't know that had any architecture worth beans there. Great biology and science programs.

      So who is teaching there?

      Describe some of your classmates...

      Oct 2, 06 7:55 pm

      university of cincinnati department of art, architecture, and planning. (i think that's what d stands for.)

      Oct 2, 06 7:59 pm


      not department...

      great question though...

      Oct 2, 06 8:41 pm

      i think DAAP is design, art, architecture and planning. I saw Michael Sorkin lecture. definately a very interesting character.

      Oct 2, 06 8:44 pm

      i met michael a few years ago in italy, over a bit of cake. he was very good speaker. clearly a smart man. must be fun to be in his studio.

      not sure why you believe information is the new mode of society ( i am pretty sure it is only the new mode of a special part of society), and even if it is why that means bad stuff for architecture. you don't live in information, nor work nor play in it. the real world is still quite here and ready for byilding in...if you are concerned about the signifier and lack of constancy of meaning or something, well maybe it is a problem, but then again really good architecture is never about meaning...or not for very long. ;-)

      Oct 2, 06 9:56 pm

      ^nice jump. I'm currently reading Thinking Architecture. there's a portion about half-way through the first lecture titled: Beyond the symbols where Zumthor expresses [what I understand to be] a similar sentiment.

      Oct 2, 06 10:22 pm

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