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    inner conflict

    By Sir Arthur Braagadocio
    Sep 28, '06 10:02 PM EST

    i don't like using both sides of my brain! especially when i am confronted with the concept "non-linear". one side says, look man thats the way life is and the other, a more violent side i might add, everything is linear, its just a matter of perspective and will power. below is a description of what i think is the architects split personality in comic form. i stole the images from monkey task force . i have a long explanation why the marine will always win, but in short it would only take a couple marines to overthrow a government as opposed to 100's of citizens and politicians. violence!


    • kablakistan


      Sep 28, 06 11:06 pm
      Arjun Bhat


      Sep 28, 06 11:56 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      there were some people in a workshop i was in that were just like the "theorist" in this strip (the non marine). It took five minutes of their babble before I wanted to punch everyone in the face. :)

      Sep 28, 06 11:57 pm

      I think the marine is a brilliant man.

      Sep 29, 06 6:57 am

      i'd love to have a conversation with this marine. he seems to actually be thinking instead of simply responding.

      but i've met that overly-simplifying-responder person an awful lot and instead of reasoned responses you usually hear something cited as 'common sense' for an argument. this kind of sense is so common because it's easy, cheap, and doesn't require actual thought = less than sensible reinforcement of a status quo.

      as much as i'd like to make fun of the wordy one - because really too much language also obfuscates real thinking, doesn't it? - i appreciate anyone struggling to build an argument to support a belief or a pursuit.

      liberty bell and i have talked before about why, in a 'discussion' between a traffic engineer and an architect, the traffic engineer will always win: the engineer has so many fewer concerns and variables to think about and there are right answers. the architect thinks about fuzzy things like 'quality of life'.

      Sep 29, 06 8:00 am

      Yeah, but the traffic engineer only wins because he is close-minded. (As in: doesn't want to think hard enough to wrap his head around the ideas the architect is talking about.) And that's not really a win...

      Sep 29, 06 8:09 am

      Actually, I take that back. I don't think the traffic engineer will always win. I've been in many conversations with contractors lately in which I "win" some of my vague, fuzzy points--because you can almost always talk about something in a way in which the regular joe can relate. And it's fun to see that light of "ohhh... yeah, I see what you mean... yeah, I get it" come across their face! It's all about thinking of clever analogies. I learned this from another person I know how does it really well, and I kept finding myself agreeing with and understanding his arguments once we went through them. So I started to cipher and copy his method. It's all about analogies!

      Sep 29, 06 8:14 am
      vado retro

      objects of art, knowledge, or metaphysics...are as it were, experience crystallized. they come into being and what they are by virtue of the forming power of experience and hence of life. as the content of experience is grasped it is given form. now get back to those stair elevations for that parking garage!!!

      Sep 29, 06 8:49 am
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      please note: only in this scenario did the Marine win. what if the Marine had a brain like the theorist?

      (Hasselhof in his blog noted why he respected women in this profession, they FIGHT)

      Sep 29, 06 10:10 am

      how can the traffic engineer win? they create traffic jams, potholes, accidents, and parking lots! and then us landscape architects have to fix all these problems down the road.

      very nice H- you're proving the value of a penn education!

      Sep 29, 06 11:17 am
      how can the traffic engineer win?

      no accountability to what happens after the roads are built, only responsible for the numbers working.
      Sep 29, 06 11:39 am

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