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    Can you weave chipboard?

    By danarellano
    Sep 21, '06 10:57 PM EST

    We were encouraged to study fabrics and their relationship to architecture. So using digital fabrication methods, we devised a way to create a fabric that could be draped over objects. We modeled the fabric in Maya and laser cut the pieces. My partner (see in pic) and I spent 7 hours weaving the “fabric”. We presented our fabric today and were lead to study Gaudi models using tension strings to hang the model in its final position, so stay tuned for pics.

    As for studio, we had a site visit for the Eden Pavilion, which will be our semester project. At this current time studio has been all about mapping, we have been mapping the Salk, fog , and now our current site.

    Site (downtown Tucson)

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    • Architye

      hey friend,

      i attended u of a until may 06 when i graduated, you maybe know me, Nathan Harwell. Anyways, now that I've been working for a couple months, I think I am realizing how hands-on the program at u of a is> i.e. full sclae mock ups, wall sections....ect. If your into this you must go design build post grad. Right now at my work I'm designing cool edgy stuff, but its very removed from the material and its making me f@#$$ crazy to sit in one place all day and move my eyes and finges only. good luck,

      Jan 3, 07 10:56 am

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