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    Maximum Mass Transit

    By Sir Arthur Braagadocio
    Sep 6, '06 7:39 PM EST

    Time is always money...I managed to purchase a car in one day right before I left for Iceland for 9 days. When I returned I had one day (Labor Day) to get ready for school. Well, I didn't have car insurance so I had to walk 20 minutes to the train station indicated by the blue dot on the map below and take the red route to Philly. 4 HOUR commute. On the walk to school I was splashed by a bus driving through a puddle; drenched. The next day I drove to Metropar (Iselin, NJ) via the yellow line on the map below, missed my NJ transit train, took an overpriced late Amtrak train and was splashed once again by a bus...SAME PUDDLE, drenched, and no class today, DOH! (always check your school email account)

    about school...

    Orientation for the Post-Professional masters at Penn with Winka Dubbeldaum as the prof. was almost worth the 8 hour trek. I say this just because nothing is completely worth an 8 hour trek. There are roughly 12 of us this year I think. (4 chinese with copious amounts of education, 1 Tai-Pai, 1 Japanese also with copious amounts of education, 2 Ball Staters with NYC work experience (been drinking with them in NYC before, small world), 1 Philly guy with Philly work experience, 1 Swedish Iraqy guy with 3 years work experience in Malmo, me, 1 Iowa State guy with a summer at Fosters) I also managed to hammer through 25 pages of Edmund Husserl's "The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendtal Phenomenology" on the train,and I mean hammer, 25 pages in 8 hours. From what I can tell Penn is very much into fabrication via the computer, and oddly enough most of us in the studio have similar interests, hmmm... wonder how that happened. Winka Dubbeldaum seems to be on track with the computer and fabrication theme in architecture, unlike the old guys who made it popular in architecture (you know the clay sculpting guy and the babbling bull shitter dude). The studio will be visiting car plants in LA sometime this semester and we will be learning about industrial design processes, methods, etc.... We were also asked to find the most genius component (industrial) we know of and describe it for studio by Monday I think. There is some reading; including "Guns, Germs, and Steel", finished the first 35 pages on the train today. We will also have a crash course in Rhino and Maya and then back to architecture, I emphasize back to architecture because architecture is not about Maya and Rhino. Somewhere in there Gilles Deleuze's "Repetition and Difference" came up, I only hope for reasons of expanding the mind on the subject of the title and fabrication. I hammered through 100 pages of that book at Kansas during undergrad with 60 pages of A4 size small print notes and at some point a gun to my head. Occasionally you'll get a bad english translation of good french philosophy, this book being one and Jean Paul Satre's "Being and Nothingness" the other. Because Camus, Baudrilliard, Derrida, and the most recent Satre are very readable, like butter. Anyway, I get angry when people incorrectly relate ontology to hmmmm Eisenman. With this all said I am now drinking a strong Viking beer (7%) from Iceland and getting back to doing free lance to pay for school. Well I am attempting, honestly I just wish I really was a full time student again with only theory to dream about, but I am engaged to be married, in debt, have a dog...


    • liberty bell

      Jeepers, meta, that commmute blows. Can you get a sublet in Philly and stay there three nights a week or something? Amtrak is really expensive, too. Ugh.

      Sep 6, 06 10:03 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      well once i get the commute down to a science it will be cool, and i will be able to crunch out work on the train or do my readings, i call it forced studying or work time. i worked with a guy who commuted 2.25 hours one way from the middle of Staten Island up to CUNY in Manhattan 5 days a week, i am only doing this anywhere from 2 to 4 days a week.

      Sep 6, 06 10:44 pm

      Hmm, I thought Deleuze, Maya/Rhino, and "the computer and fabrication theme" where indivisible... it'll be happy news to me if that's not the case. Intriguing entry!

      Sep 7, 06 8:58 am

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