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Jul '07 - Jan '12

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    So I guess I'll start using this.

    Nikhil Shah
    Jul 30, '07 1:41 PM EST

    I haven't touched this part of Archinect in a while, mostly because of life and other projects. A lot has changed since I first entered school(two years ago). After some terrible professors, and two really great ones I kind of have an idea of what I want to be doing. Something humane, something hands on.

    School starts in three weeks and I still haven't found a place to live. I could live in studio, right?


    • Mark_M

      Did you happen to have Sean Vance as a professor? He came to speak at Hampton during the spring semester. He gave an encouraging talk about reaching out to other design fields to help maximize our architecture.

      Jul 30, 07 9:17 pm

      Sean's awesome. He taught form studio while I was taking it, but I didn't have him. Well, not having him isn't much different from having him - he's that outgoing.

      Jul 30, 07 9:57 pm

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