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    By Appleseed
    Nov 29, '05 3:31 AM EST


    • santino

      do mos burgers come from this moss garden you speak of?

      Nov 29, 05 3:40 am

      Yes, that's why they taste so good. Each burger has been meditated over by 10 zen monks!

      Nov 29, 05 3:56 am

      enchanting pics!

      Nov 29, 05 5:11 am

      Beautiful. I was at Ryoanji 3 weeks ago. Unfortunatley a bit too early for kouyou. I have a little potted momiji on my porch. Its leaves turned a nice red, but then the wind tore them from the branches. Beauty is fleeting, yeah?

      Nov 30, 05 9:17 am

      It's interesting to wake up to this blog entry. Today of all days, change is in the air. Kouyou, a time to relax from the long, hot summer. Loved not seeing a beer in every picture; it would have reminded me of parking lot licorice incident #2 (minus the licorice, but still including too much red). You guys missed it. Cabernale was a hit--Google that!

      Nov 30, 05 10:22 am

      Mono no aware, guiggster. One of my favorite Japanese sentiments.

      Yes, I miss the microbrew too Steve. When I get back for winter break I will be going first to the local burrito joint, and then to the market to pick up some Rogue Santa's Private Reserve.

      Nov 30, 05 11:07 pm

      upon my arrival, i will be heading to my moms for a home-cooked meal and then to a bar for a cold lone star biru.

      Dec 1, 05 6:31 am

      On second thought, I'll stop by your mom's place too....

      Dec 1, 05 6:33 am

      i'll call ahead and have her bring out the shotguns to welcome you:)

      Dec 1, 05 6:36 am

      haha, BLOG WAR!!!!!!!111

      Dec 1, 05 6:36 am

      i am calling in the ewoks, the wookies, and the next neighbor to get my back. is that redundant?

      Dec 1, 05 6:40 am

      'Tis ok, 'cause I'll swarm you with the Kyoto monkeys that are running around this time of the year.

      Dec 1, 05 6:42 am

      fine, i'll have to break out the secret weapons- naan man, rub-a-dub guy, and punk folk song boss!

      Dec 1, 05 6:45 am

      Ok, but I get Nikki! You can have Aiko. Since she cut her hair, it just isn't the same...

      Dec 1, 05 6:46 am

      enchanting, but what are you going to do when i send the nepalese brothers and cousins your way?

      Dec 1, 05 6:48 am

      haha, you said 'enchanting'!

      It's almost as though we aren't in studio or anything-

      Dec 1, 05 6:49 am

      or in the same room...

      Dec 1, 05 6:50 am

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