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    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 26, '07 5:23 PM EST

    We had our crit on the lake-house vignettes on Monday. The lasercutter was much more agreeable than it was the previous week, so models were built. Printers, however, weren't as agreeable.

    The entire critique was entertaining thanks to the reviewers, who were....
    - Kenneth Hobgood(the funny one)
    - Paul Battalia
    - David Hill

    The review itself was kind of shitty. We presented in pairs(we switched schemes/inspirations for lake houses) so obviously reviewers would lean either to the left or right with their attention for most of the crit, to a degree ignoring the other student.

    In addition to that we got shafted in relation to other classes. We had our first history test the morning of the crit and then our construction systems test the following day.

    Time management.


    • Chris Ford


      Oct 5, 07 4:04 pm

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