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Sep '05 - Dec '05

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    By Appleseed
    Sep 29, '05 8:56 AM EST

    So far, in country for 28 days. The first week was in Tokyo with old friends, and then three weeks with the SCI_Arc crew, touring around the island of Kyushu. Last week was a Kokura-Korea-Tokyo-Kanazawa-Kyoto whirlwind. Apparently you shouldn't order dog in a Korean restaurant if you are foreign.

    pork fried whale.

    6. Canal City, Fukuoka. Or as some might say, Fukuwakaka. The best part of the mall was this TV moniter installation, and the Jason Lee/Stereo Etnies sold on the 4th floor Murasaki Sports store.

    7. The Hells, Beppu. Beware the tourist traps.

    8. Hakozaki temple, Fukuoka. Shinto-style.

    9. Drunk in Kanazawa. Never let people do self portraits with your camera. It can be said that a large dose of wabi-sabi makes up for snoring neighbors and no air conditioning.

    10. Meet the 700Series bullet train. Not a Nozomi, but it'll get you there on the cheap.


    • santino

      beware of japan-land of booby traps

      Sep 29, 05 9:02 am

      Word. Ewoks and shit.

      Sep 29, 05 9:29 am

      where oh where have my little friends gone? where... oh where can they be?

      Sep 29, 05 9:23 pm

      Japan Studio! Who's teaching that this year?!

      Sep 29, 05 11:37 pm

      yall stayin in japan for studio or go back home after a tour and do the work there?

      Sep 30, 05 1:54 am

      Greg Walsh is leading this motley crew. We'll be in Kyoto until the third week of December. For us, studio starts next week. We'll have our own residential project, but physically, most of the SCI_Arc people are mixed into the Kyoto Seika students studio rooms.

      And we miss you too, Steve.

      Sep 30, 05 5:45 am

      Ah, too bad I didn't know someone was in the area. I live 30 minutes east of Fukuoka city, I'd have bought you an $8 Guinness.

      Sep 30, 05 12:34 pm

      funny how a lot of these pics look familiar. I think we're out doing u guys though. I got a blog part II coming up on my myspace page. got some killer pics lol.

      Oct 30, 06 6:29 am

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