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    (001) it's the year of the thesis

    By word!
    Sep 6, '06 7:03 PM EST

    Hello fellow Archinectors and fellow UnivCincinnati bloggers.

    This mix of Cincinnati bloggers will indeed be interesting, seeing that we each have a different focus for thesis. On the topic of thesis I hope everyone is as ready as I am, our thesis proposals are due at the beginning of the quarter, when we must defend our ideas before we construct our research book. More on thesis in the coming weeks.

    On a lighter note I was in NYC over Labor Day to watch the US Open at Flushing Meadows. I'm including some photos below.

    My favorite tennis player was there, Maria Sharapova. Luckily I was in the hallway of Louis Armstrong stadium after the game when I had the chance of being manhandled by her large security team as they rushed her out of the stadium. It's amazing that they don't have a side exit for the players in that stadium.


    • stoicrise

      Where did you get tickets for that?

      Good work, all I heard over here from Andre crying and James Blake wearing 1980's garb.

      Sep 7, 06 8:59 am

      got tickets off ticketmaster... it was pretty easy.! it was not sold out...

      Sep 7, 06 10:15 am

      Why is Maria your favorite? It doesn't have anything to do with her having breasts or moaning when she hits the ball?

      I have always wanted to go to Flushing but have never had the chance. Usually in August, I manage to drum up some ATP tickets but I obviously missed it this year since I am in Amsterdam (poor me..haha)

      Sep 8, 06 3:44 am

      she is very proportional, which is why i like her.

      moaning? it's hard not to chuckle at it while sitting there.

      by the way we need to start that Hobart Int. Competition.

      Sep 8, 06 10:31 am

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