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    Undergraduate Student's final design crit

    By htsang1225
    Feb 20, '05 12:56 AM EST

    Come check out what undergrad students at the University of Tokyo are up to.

    University of Tokyo - Undergrad Final Design Crit
    Location: University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus), Yasuda Hall, Tokyo, Japan
    Date: April 1st, 2005
    Time: 14:00-18:00

    Guest critics: Toyo Ito, Kazuhiro Kojima, etc


    • vado retro

      i'll be there henry rock on

      Feb 20, 05 1:06 am

      I have a 5 year degree in architecture. i was wondering if having a master would make a difference in find a job in the US or overseas. The 5 yr program is already a professional degree. Please let me know what the difference is and if you have any information please email me at

      thank you so much

      Jun 12, 05 12:44 pm

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