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    Online CPD: the solution to your #WFH learning challenges

    By Jemma
    Apr 6, '20 5:24 AM EST

    The current climate has made it tricky for any of us to stick to our spring CPD plans. As education centres and workshops close across the country, it’s important that architects find alternative ways to keep their subject knowledge up to speed.

    Many of the points that you need in order to achieve your CPD requirements can come from self-directed learning. If you feel there’s value in it and you can demonstrate the value to your assessor, then that’s often satisfactory from a CIAT or RIBA perspective. As a general rule of thumb, one hour of activity = one hour of points. Of course, a certain percentage of your points need to come from Core Curriculum topics listed by the body that you are a member of, but for those that spring from your own self-directed activities, there are lots of available options.

    Here are our suggestions for a rich and educational experience.

    Magazine subscriptions

    By subscribing to leading architectural publications, such as Architect’s Journal or RibaJ, you’ll be exposed to authoritative articles written by industry heavyweights. Both magazines provide in-depth news analysis, insights into issues affecting the industry, comprehensive building studies with technical details and drawings, client profiles and tender updates. You’ll also find out the winners of the latest projects, and why they beat the competition.

    It’s clear that these resources are invaluable for any architect and, if you work for a larger practice, it’s possible that your subscriptions will be paid for you.

    The UK government’s Ministry of Housing Portal

    The Government’s websites and portals can often be unwieldy and frustrating. For that reason, they are often overlooked as primary sources of vital information.

    However, the Ministry of Housing Portal, and particularly it’s ‘approved documents’ section, is a great online learning experience for professionals. You’ll find press releases, the latest news, tender information and updated regulations, all in one neat place

    The Outdoor Design Hub

    If you are an outdoor design professional, The Outdoor Design Hub, created and maintained by Millboard, is an excellent source of up-to-date information.  This Hub of educational materials is entirely free and provides a single source for desktop learning, covering a broad range of useful and current information related to the world of outdoor design.

    The Hub currently contains over forty pieces of learning-focused content, including videos, PDFs, handy guides, mood-boards and FAQs, in addition to a news feed that curates the best of the latest from across the leading journals and magazines. What are you waiting for? 

    Read the latest releases

    Why not use this period to immerse yourself in some of the most inspiring and informative books that 2020 has to offer so far? Here’s our pick of the best of the spring crop:

    We hope that this list has given you some CPD activities to build up your points from your home office – this period might be difficult but there’s no need for our professional activities and development to grind to halt.

    For further information regarding CPD points, please visit:


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