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    Spring trend: warm colours

    By Jemma
    Jan 21, '20 7:22 AM EST

    Nobody with an eye on the design world could fail to notice the major shift in favoured colour palettes.

    2020 marks the definitive end to all-grey colour schemes. The soothing and clean tones of dove, pewter and the iconic Elephant’s Breath still retain their place, but the most exciting interiors make sparing use of them, minimising them as neutrals to be used here and there. The ‘footballer’s mansion look’ – i.e. ten tonnes of crushed silver velour set in 50 shades of grey, has frankly, reached saturation point. 

    This design rebellion has marked the onset of exciting, rich new combinations. Royal blue and copper, emerald and gold, mustard seed and mango wood. Suddenly, rooms are warming up and as the spring arrives, we can expect to see these moody, romantic shades migrating to our outdoor spaces too. You can expect to see greater depths of colours and vibrancy translating through into planting this summer, with fuchsias, teals and dark turquoises taking centre stage.

    If you are looking to install decking this year, create the perfect backdrop by using beautiful, full-bodied planks. Millboard’s newest shade, Antique Oak, is bang on trend. Antique Oak’s natural, warm hues are similar to the spiced tones of tropical hardwood and the appearance is reminiscent of attractively aged flooring. Antique Oak boasts more tonal variation per individual board than any of the other colours in the Millboard range, providing a beautiful and organic look.

    Marrying boards of this calibre to a striking sea-green feature wall or a froth of jewel-coloured flowers is an instant inroad to this aesthetic. And, by adding some gorgeous bronzey accessories (Moroccan lamps, tabletops), your garden will look effortlessly modish and chic.

    Overall, the key to building this look is to avoid the clinical grey-scapes that have dominated interiors and exteriors for the past decade. The roaring 2020s are promising to be a very colourful affair indeed!

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    • Koln

      I don't think that warm colors it is spring trend. most of people like them because they are easier to eye. It is written in several books and read it here . I can assume that it is really unproven thing to tell but I am ready to listen to you with your arguments.

      Feb 27, 20 11:24 am  · 

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