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    The value of landscaping: Britain’s green goldmine

    By Jemma
    Dec 4, '19 7:17 AM EST

    New House Country Hotel in Cardiff strikes the right balance between relaxed and manicured

    Oxford University’s recent report summarising the value of British landscaping contained some impressive facts and figures. Not only does the sector contribute £24.2 billion to the national GDP annually, but the industry also supports 568,700 jobs – the equivalent to 1 in 68. The UK directly employs 370,300 landscapers, garden centre staff, arboriculture professionals, ornamental garden material manufacturers, plant producers and wholesalers. In short, it is a significant segment of the economy.

    The report also stressed that the UK is viewed globally as ‘The Gardening Capital of the World’ – a reminder to recognise and maximise the value in our outdoor spaces. The top-level GDP figure includes garden tourism, an important but often undervalued source of national revenue. The report’s authors state that on average, one in three international visitors to the UK will visit at least one park or garden.

    The entrance to Mansfield Castle Hotel in Tain, Scotland, is picture perfect

    Landscaping also adds intangible fiscal benefits to tourism by improving air and noise pollution, alleviating flood risks, mitigating the extremes of temperature, and sustaining our wildlife and biodiversity.

    Elsewhere, in the housing sector, landscaping adds £131 billion to the nation’s housing stock, which demonstrates the value that the British place on having well-maintained and attractive outdoor spaces. Indeed, every £1 in £100 that we spend goes towards our gardens.

    Millboard’s Marketing Manager Caroline Birdsall states that she is ‘not surprised by the positivity of the report’. Millboard manufacturers luxury outdoor flooring and Birdsall says that ‘sales have gone from strength to strength over the past decade. It really demonstrates the appetite that Brits have for their gardens and for outdoor spaces generally. As a nation, we enjoy cultivating beautiful spaces to relax, socialise and have fun in – it’s great to see this reflected so strongly in the Oxford figures.’

    The report reinforces that there has never been a better time to improve the outdoor surroundings to your business, particularly if your business is dependent on attracting the public.

    Whatever your budget, investing in quality landscaping is one sure-fire way to boost your profits.

    Hotel terrace decorated with Moroccan Lamps and Coppered Oakdecking

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