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    First ‘carbon-positive home-builder’ wins big at the Better Society Awards 2019

    By Jemma
    Aug 12, '19 10:31 AM EST

    The Berkeley Group is celebrating after picking up the much-coveted ‘Carbon Reduction of the Year’ award at the prestigious Better Society Awards. The development giant has worked hard over the past couple of years to ensure that their builds set a new standard for architectural and construction excellence.

    The Better Society Awards ‘celebrate the efforts that commercial organisations make to create a better society’ and attract multi-industry interest as businesses compete to demonstrate their positive impacts. This year’s entrants included Aldi, ITV, Virgin, Warner Bros. and Skanska. The Berkeley Group’s category was hotly contended, featuring commercial heavyweights Experian, UPS and Columbia Investments. The Berkeley Group impressed the judges with their significant reduction in carbon emissions, which fell by 22% between 2016 and 2018.

    The judges commended the Group's industry-leading approach, which has seen Berkeley become the country's first carbon-positive homebuilder. They achieved this by building their properties to ‘Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4’ – a strict criteria of sustainability.

    The recent Goodman’s Fields development is an example of a Berkeley scheme that included high levels of thermal insulation, energy-efficient white goods from leading suppliers, such as Siemens, decking from carbon-efficient manufacturer Millboard, low-energy LED lighting, water-efficient taps and space-saving recycling bins. The development also included solar panels on the roof space, and more space for bicycle parking, to encourage residents to cycle around the city.

    This holistic approach saw Berkley scoop the big prize on the night and demonstrates the company’s trailblazing attitude to building. Rob Perrins, Chief Executive of The Berkeley Group, states that the ‘award reflects just how much we've achieved in the past couple of years. We are committed to tackling climate change and we've set ourselves high standards on the way.’

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    • gyom06

      I praise the approach but what about embodied carbon? How about building with straw and mud? That is the revolution we want to see!

      Feb 6, 20 9:17 am  · 

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