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    Homeowners bring the tropics to the UK!

    By Jemma
    Jul 23, '19 6:35 AM EST

    The summer is now in full swing as the schools have broken up and a reported heatwave is predicted to smash all records later on in the week. As the mercury tips into the 30s (wow), it’s easy to envy people who’ve managed to achieve impressive feats with their garden spaces – what I’d give for a hammock in a perfectly cultivated outdoor space!

    The Daily Mail recently carried a story about Brits making the most of their gardens by creating some incredibly idiosyncratic designs. It’s always inspiring to see people putting their stamp on their space and this article was no different. It just goes to show that behind the façade of the mid-century semi or the frontage of the quintessential townhouse, you actually have no idea what surprises might await beyond.

    Take Janet and John Morgan – a retired couple from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Inspired by their travels from Barbados to South Africa, they’ve spent ‘more than £40,000 transforming the garden into our own little piece of paradise.’

    'Now it includes a Japanese area with koi carp pond, a large weeping willow, Zimbabwean scrap metal art and exotic plants from as far away as Tasmania. We named the garden Saranacris after our three children Sarah, Anna and Chris.

    'It is an extension of our home and we spend as much time as possible in it, spending hours tending it."

    The article also featured interiors expert, Caroline Aherne. She has turned her Dalston garden into an ‘urban tropical’ dream.

    She says that: 'for a decade I hated it - I just had white pebbles, black bamboo and a water feature. Now, it's 70 per cent evergreen, and like a fairy tale jungle. 

    I have double height windows in the house and trees growing up to the third floor so the inside and outside flow into each other.

    'I deliberately chose a reduced colour palette of purples, whites and greens. I love spending time out here, but I travel a lot, so it has to be low maintenance. And it needed to be edgy and cool. The decking is from a company called Millboard, and it looks like 100 year-old oak, but just needs the odd jet wash to keep it clean. 

    'I feed everything with seaweed so it grows very quickly; the bamboo shot up, and then I have jasmine, eucalyptus trees, a quince, a fig tree, olive trees, mimosa, hydrangeas and acer. It's my haven in the middle of Hackney. 

    She said: ''I have double height windows in the house and trees growing up to the third floor so the inside and outside flow into each other'

    It just goes to show that the size and location of your garden has no bearing on how creative you can get with making it your own.

    Enjoy the heatwave!

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