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    A breathtaking outdoor urban room!

    By Jemma
    Feb 25, '19 6:58 AM EST

    This stunning Redcliffe residence in Chelsea, London, is a prime example of maximised outdoor space. Ensconced in an exclusive square, the owners have embraced luxe finishes and high spec features to create an enduring and lavish retreat.

    The terrace includes a firepit, infrared heating, show lights, fountains, foliage, waterproof Sonos speakers and Millboard decking. The ensemble creates a spectacular piazza that harmonises Mediterranean warmth with heritage grandeur.

    Cleverly, the muted palette allows for the eye to wander to the pleasing archways of the windows, lit and dressed with trailing ivy – simply perfect for the coming balmy summer evenings.

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    • Finjohn

      Nice! Way to make an area that could be bland beautiful and inviting! Love the green too! 

      Apr 5, 19 12:43 pm

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This blog covers the most energising and restorative landscaping, biophillic architecture and perma-culture projects taking place across the world! I'm interested in how we incorporate nature into our environments, particularly urban environments. As we progress into the twenty-first century, we appear to be moving ever-further from the futuristic aesthetic that our predecessors imagined back in the mid-century. This blog looks at the methods and psychology of natural influence.

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