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    MVRDV announce plans to convert office complex in Amsterdam into stunning nature-inspired neighbourhood

    By Jemma
    Jan 23, '19 10:49 AM EST

    MVRDV’s company approach is to ‘enable cities and landscapes to develop towards a better future’ and their latest Amsterdam-based project fully embraces this ethos.

    Their plans to convert an isolated office complex into a lively residential neighbourhood containing 750 homes, will breathe life and balance into Brettenzone’s waterfront. Directly opposite the city’s Westerpark, the plan includes 12 buildings, five of which have been designed by MVRDV. The team’s emphasis on green space enables eco and housing sustainability, right in the heart of the Dutch capital.

    Natalie de Vries, MVRDV’s co-founder writes that,Amsterdam urgently needs housing in all sorts of sizes and price ranges, for both purchase and rental. Given the large number of homes that this project adds to Amsterdam-west, we have focused entirely on architectural diversity. the public space will be green and closely connect with the Westerpark. the combination of park and urbanity is unique to Amsterdam. where else can you live in a park in the middle of the city?’

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