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    Interview : March 22, 2014

    By Olaf Design Ninja_
    May 9, '15 1:17 AM EST

    Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

    “Olaf, what is up my man! Crazy month bro! Got this super high-end showroom project, , and the future of farm sourced food production facility job in NYC!” – Chris

    Olaf thumbs through his little yellow German Reclam book, looks like Nietzsche….

    “Seriously dude, lots going on! You going to ask me questions and congratulate me or what?” – Chris

    What is Virtue?” – Olaf

    “Fuck you man! Fuck you! Seriously, I roll in here all excited and you shit on me with this question? What is this Karate Kid? Fuck you!  Wax On and Wax Off! Fuck that, just do it!” – Chris

    “Have you considered the words of Alaisdair MacIntyre –

                    …premises which invoke justice and innocence are at odds with premises which invoke success and survival…. premises which invoke rights are at odds with those which invoke universalizability….the claim of equality that is matched  against that of liberty.”(1)

    – Olaf

    “Bro, I just want to crush beer cans on my head and hit the bars! I’m doing good, rollin’!” – Chris

    “My young friend, really, do you know what you Gen-Xer’s or Millennials have become? “ – Olaf

    “You’ll probably tell me, thanks!” – Chris

    This democratized self which has no necessary social content and no necessary social identity can then be anything, can assume any role or take any point of view, because it is in and for itself nothing.”(1)  - Olaf

    “Brah! Beer, alcohol, let’s roll, let’s roll! Tweet it! Instagram it! Facebook it!” – Chris

    Shine on you crazy diamond!” – Olaf

    “What?” – Chris

    “All power tends to coopt and absolute power coopts absolutely!”(1) – Olaf

    “Olaf, bruh, you cutting up the pills here and sniffing them straight-up.  I don’t get it!?!? Coopt what, thought and power?” – Chris

    A man in heroic society is what he does!”(1) – Olaf

    Silence…well, Pink Floyd was still playing in the background on Olaf’s little old school radio.

    You cannot win with Olaf. He’s been there, done that, and then some….and I’m just some kid trying to be an Architect.  Why don’t these old guys help us out? What am I, Intern?

    “Olaf, what book you reading? you switched it up, I don’t get it?  What is this, some type of literal book review?” – Chris

    “well….All apparatuses of power are always double: they arise, on the one hand, from an individual subjectivizing behavior and, on the other, from its capture in a separate sphere. There is often nothing reprehensible about the individual behavior in itself, and it can, indeed, express a liberatory intent; it is reprehensible only if the behavior – when it has not been constrained by circumstances or by force – lets itself be captured in the apparatus. 

    Neither the brazen-faced gesture of the porn star nor the impassive face of the fashion model is, as such, to be blamed.  Instead, what is disgraceful – both politically and morally – are the apparatus of pornography and the apparatus of the fashion show, which have diverted them from their possible us!

    The unprofanable of pornography – everything that is unprofanable – is founded on the arrest and diversion of an authentically profanatory intention.” (2)– Olaf

    “You said porn!” – Chris

    "For this reason, we must always wrest from the apparatuses - from all apparatuses - the possibility of use that they have captured. 

    The profanation of the unprofanable is the political task of the coming generation."(2) -Olaf

    Olaf’s little radio starts to play more Pink Flloyd, another brick in the wall or something...

    Green as Fuck....

    Green as Fuck....

    Green as Fuck....


    Key Bibliography/Links


    (1) "After Virtue" , Alasdair MacIntyre, 1984

    (2) "Profanation - In Praise of Profanation", Giorgio Agamben, 2007 or in "Log 10"


    • Olaf Design Ninja_

      Quondam, I have never made it more than 50 pages into Homo Ludens as well, except whatever assignment we had in Grad school....

      eternal wrest sounds similar to Nietzsche's Eternal Return

      May 9, 15 2:32 pm  · 
      Olaf Design Ninja_

      Qoundam, my brain stopped somewhere in the 100's, DR is really tough.  I had 60 pages of notes when I was around page 98 and then have tried multiple times to continue...

      putting together a swing set for the kids, better than ikea long as there is good Belgium or German beer it can be done....

      but let's rehash my cartoon series on DR and Nietzsche's Eternal Return, illustrations by Chris Booth...former roomate and buddy,  and Rudy's bar and Grill dive bar friend in the rough NYC days!  see

      Comedians are good friends when you just want to say whatever is on your mind, ha!


      and yes, wife and I want to see that movie....what's funny, when we do go out, we always shut the bar I say - I don't know what you kids do all day?!?!


      last but not least

      random note, Metamechanic the cartoon is based on Luis or Lewis (on right)

      May 9, 15 7:51 pm  · 
      Olaf Design Ninja_

      of all the Deleuze works, DR is the most legit philosophical work...can't remember the name,  but some speed reader on Archntect  (can't be trusted) claim's Deleuze is full of errors.   DR is so intense, i doubt any errors and believe it will take a good 100 years before we get the gist of it.  you can't just read DR and say you got it, you're getting into the very mind of Deleuze via a translation, lot going on's a bit arrogant to say you could ever get it...which you and I are both not claiming...

      one thing leads to another with multiple coincidences, this is my life and makes me also the most gullable guy ever - you have a random story - I believe it, because it's happened to me.

      May 9, 15 10:07 pm  · 
      boy in a well


      from an old phiLOLogy cats post . . . 

      May 10, 15 6:57 pm  · 
      Olaf Design Ninja_

      boy in a well is wresting us from the meme apparatus! actually that meme sums up the gist of DR first 100 pages.... happy mothers day! and i am still alive....wife half Colombian, mother-n-law and grandmother-n-law 100% Colombian and my two daughters 25%....they all hate my driving...lunch at Cuban joint in Asbury Park, Nj....i might be suicidal for not escaping to some man chore today!l differenz....

      May 10, 15 11:46 pm  · 
      Olaf Design Ninja_

      postscript - from The Essence of Christianity by Ludwig Feuerbach (1841)



      "But certainly for the present age, which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, the appearance to the essence....illusion only is sacred, truth profane....the highest degree of illusion comes to be the highest degree of sacredness."

      Jul 5, 15 12:45 pm  · 

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The following blogs are Interviews performed in the years of 13/14 with a man full of random thoughts and legendary type of architectural experiences. Olaf is his real first name. I knew his son Tom from my studies at University of Kansas and randomly ran into Tom in 2012 in NYC. We reminisced about all the great stories Tom had told me about his immigrant architect father. Given my boredom with the profession I requested an interview with this now insane man. Archifiction.

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