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    Nikhil Shah
    Mar 17, '08 7:23 PM EST

    Boullee aint got shit on me. Image link goes to flickr page. The project dealt with a smokestack from the demolished juvenile delinquency hall about 3 miles from school, the program a theater with cinemascope. I chose to focus on the ritual of breaking into movies, and how to address this act of... View full entry

  • the bling

    Nikhil Shah
    Mar 12, '08 10:19 PM EST

    studio work has been self-regulated. Lots of stuff going on, though. Joshua Prince-Ramus of REX-PC lectured here on Monday; he wasn't on the original lecture list. It was one of the better lectures(if a bit cynical) by an architect, most usually being lame from what I remember. Hertzberger is... View full entry

  • analog(y)

    Nikhil Shah
    Feb 26, '08 4:27 PM EST

    image links go to flickr entries. View full entry

  • 1:1 Relationships

    Nikhil Shah
    Feb 16, '08 2:07 PM EST

    The Alberto Perez-Gomez lecture was great; a lecture in the traditional sense. School is good, made some videos: Former is for studio, latter for the materials experimental class. First time doing 3d animations, it was easy but tedious. Working on orange leather/concrete? View full entry

  • NC State Lecture Series Spring 2008

    Nikhil Shah
    Jan 10, '08 5:48 PM EST

    02/04 Architecture Lecture: Dr. Alberto Pérez-Gómez 03/24 Architecture Lecture: Herman Hertzberger 04/07 Architecture Lecture: Alexander Tzonis 04/14 Architecture Lecture: Jeanne Gang So few? View full entry

  • halcyon days

    Nikhil Shah
    Jan 8, '08 10:04 AM EST

    School starts tomorrow classes: environmental control systems - c cladd? structures II + lab - wayne place studio: design technology - paul battaglia/david hill materials + experience - sean vance uploaded some tracks recorded over break View full entry

  • same stories

    Nikhil Shah
    Dec 16, '07 2:30 PM EST I guess only two people have read this book entirely, one of them being Alvin Toffler, because the poor bastard had to write it. Classes are over, I got two more exams, one in history and structures. We had Roger Clark and Pat Rand on... View full entry

  • Keller Easterling Lecture: Zone

    Nikhil Shah
    Nov 20, '07 9:31 PM EST

    The lecture was a summary of the work presented within her book Enduring Innocence and a building/urbanism typology she has named "Zone." Zone as typology is the resulting architecture and urban conditions created in context of exploited free trade zones. Initially they start off as FTZ but mutate... View full entry

  • Proven: Lasercutter > Rockite

    Nikhil Shah
    Oct 6, '07 7:06 AM EST

    new aesop cd out View full entry

  • reviews

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 26, '07 5:23 PM EST

    We had our crit on the lake-house vignettes on Monday. The lasercutter was much more agreeable than it was the previous week, so models were built. Printers, however, weren't as agreeable. The entire critique was entertaining thanks to the reviewers, who were.... - Kenneth Hobgood(the funny one)... View full entry

  • Followup: Michael Speaks Rotterdam 2007

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 21, '07 1:08 AM EST

    After the lecture were seminars, one day after the other. The first one was more or less a follow-up and clarification of the lecture. The whole discourse is greater than Rotterdam, but Rotterdam makes a great case study for how practice is changing. The second seminar was titled "Design... View full entry

  • eh

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 19, '07 4:14 AM EST

    its one of those mornings where you've got two models due in a few hours and the laser cutter doesn't agree View full entry

  • Michael Speaks Lecture: Rotterdam 2007

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 18, '07 12:43 PM EST

    He didn't touch much on Rotterdam, but the lecture was haphazard and really stimulating. I've never seen the side of situationism that's kittie cats and little children. He's doing two workshops here today and tomorrow, hopefully there will be more structure than that in his lecture. View full entry

  • Turning things in late

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 12, '07 8:06 AM EST

    I think this has become acceptable practice on my part. We switched past times with partners for our next vignette project; I'll have some photos of the final sometime later this week. Found a quote I like, by Rem no less. "Because it cannot be grasped, Junkspace cannot be remembered. It is... View full entry

  • Past Times

    Nikhil Shah
    Sep 3, '07 1:36 AM EST

    Our current studio project is dealing with analogy as a means of architecture, involving our favorite past times. "Wandering" is the theme, I'll have photos later. I want one of these:monome View full entry

  • Urr

    Nikhil Shah
    Aug 23, '07 12:47 AM EST

    Premise of studio is developing the skill of analogy and plan-based composition. History with Clark isn't going to be as bad as I thought; ideation might be, however. If I only had a place to sleep? Sometimes I question why I'm in school, then I visit the other design departments. View full entry

  • NC State Lecture Series Fall 2007

    Nikhil Shah
    Aug 15, '07 12:12 AM EST

    September 17 Architecture Lecture: Michael Speaks September 27 PhD Lecture: Chris Conley, Illinois Institute of Technology/Institute of Design October 8 PhD Lecture: Sharon Poggenpohl, Hong Kong Polytechnic University October 1 Architecture Lecture: Wayne Place October 22 Architecture Lecture... View full entry

  • So I guess I'll start using this.

    Nikhil Shah
    Jul 30, '07 1:41 PM EST

    I haven't touched this part of Archinect in a while, mostly because of life and other projects. A lot has changed since I first entered school(two years ago). After some terrible professors, and two really great ones I kind of have an idea of what I want to be doing. Something humane, something... View full entry

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