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Apr '04 - Aug '07

  • Baby! 5+1=6

    Steve Fuchs
    Aug 24, '07 2:27 AM EST

    Baby | Birth AnnouncementBaby | Little PeanutBaby | Long Little Noodle The baby is here! Nicole and I rushed to the hospital last night (30 days early) after she started getting contractions 5 minutes apart, then 4, 3, 2, 1 :) Believe it or not, it only took a single hard push and little Kami was... View full entry

  • The Beginning? Yes.

    Steve Fuchs
    Aug 12, '07 2:43 AM EST

    Panelite | Design VisualizationPanelite | Design FabricationDesign Life Now | Cooper-Hewitt, NYDesign Life Now | Just after InstallationDesign Life Now | Saying Goodbye to PaneliteGehry Technologies | Another Part of the Dream is RealizedGrand Avenue | Early Design PhaseEast LA College | New Tech... View full entry

  • The End? Hehe... no.

    Steve Fuchs
    Apr 13, '07 3:07 AM EST

    Post-Thesis | Just the beginning This is what is currently on my living room nightstand. In order... 1. Game Theory 2. Shape | Flat Abs & Buns 3. Maternity Instruction Manual 4. Choose Your Own Adventure #1 5. Social Theory 6. Technique 7. Practice 8. Game Reader 9. Fortune | Patagonia... View full entry

  • NAAB - Student Performance Criteria (boring?)

    Steve Fuchs
    Oct 20, '06 11:58 AM EST

    Yesterday, I was asked to update SCI-Arc's site with the NAAB Student Performance Criteria. Seeing as how WASC is visiting, I think everyone is trying to put on the "best face" for the visiting review team. After reading the criteria, I finally got a clear picture of what it means to be educated... View full entry

  • FEAR and a little DOUBT

    Steve Fuchs
    Jul 21, '06 11:20 AM EST

    FEAR = Failure Expected And Received FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real FEAR = Feelings Expressed Allows Relief FEAR = Feelings Every Alcoholic Rejects FEAR = Fighting Ego Against Reality FEAR = Forget Everything and Run FEAR = Forgetting Everything's All... View full entry

  • Something forgotten, fun, real, and amazing (ya, architecture)

    Steve Fuchs
    Jul 13, '06 4:36 PM EST

    Ok... I have to let the cat outta the bag. Date 1 = Estimated US population of 300,000,000. Date 2 = Estimated World population of 10,000,000,000.Something forgotten - Rating of SCI-Arc Professors... pretty accurate. - Also, toothpaste works as a good blemish medicine before bed and on mosquito... View full entry

  • Crowds

    Steve Fuchs
    Jul 8, '06 4:19 AM EST

    Thesis | Crowd, Opponents, Penalty, Trust... Gooooooooal! Here are two dates that will mark significant crowd milestones. Insane. October 12th, 2006 at approximately 10:32 AM PST. December 16th, 2034 at approximately 9 AM PST. Winning guess gets invited to be part of my thesis crowd. Actually... View full entry

  • Skate or Die!

    Steve Fuchs
    Jun 21, '06 5:42 AM EST

    Go Skate | Grow your inner thesis Wow, today I got back on a skateboard for the first time in a very long time. I don't mean just to cruise the halls at school or do an occasional alley session at my house. I mean in a bowl, at a park, body at risk. There's something about subversive sports that... View full entry

  • Backpack

    Steve Fuchs
    May 26, '06 6:39 AM EST

    Thesis | The Essential Support Team So, thesis has officially started. My advisors are in place, Ed Keller & Juan Azulay. And, my alter-ego has shown up to help keep things balanced. The plans are set. Bags are packed. Sword is sharpened.Theory | How many rocks do you need? What is theory good... View full entry

  • Why I am at SCI-Arc...

    Steve Fuchs
    Apr 6, '06 1:33 AM EST

    Islands | SCI-Arc via Google EarthWhy I am at SCI-Arc SCI-Arc is a laboratory to test my limits and contribute to the discipline of architecture. We are an island of the avant garde - a place for personal sabbatical located at the balanced intersection of abstraction and reality. As an educational... View full entry

  • The Raven | A Young Man's Subversive Primer

    Steve Fuchs
    Feb 17, '06 1:05 AM EST

    I've been reading Neil Stephenson's "Diamond Age" and found this poem worth pondering. Maybe you will, too...THE RAVENA CHRISTMAS TALE, TOLD BY A SCHOOL-BOY TO HIS LITTLE BROTHERS AND SISTERS by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1798) Underneath an old oak tree There was of swine a huge company That... View full entry

  • OBEY | Make Arc Not War

    Steve Fuchs
    Feb 3, '06 12:55 AM EST

    We want scripting--not just CV pulling. And, for those that don't know... now you know :) Oh ya, getting CATIA back would be helpful, too. Let me rephrase. The popularity of a "certain class" is a clear indication that the student body, and especially those who are making attempts at furthering... View full entry

  • W, DUB-Ya, \X/... wessside! (SCI-Arc "hat trick")

    Steve Fuchs
    Dec 7, '05 8:13 PM EST

    2005 White House Christmas Card Rest in Peace... Beatrice Moore b. Dec 7, 1921 - d. Dec 7, 2005DropStar 1964 Lincoln Continental Here's my small Christmas wish...Japanese Import 1965 Lincoln Continental and Here's my large Christmas wish... View full entry

  • Coincidentalism + other vocabulary

    Steve Fuchs
    Oct 13, '05 2:13 PM EST

    The most amazing thing happened at the beach last week. After a 1.5 hr session in shoulder high wind swell””just enough to say hello to a few local friends””an older local guy who I don't care for much exchanged small talk as I went to the shower to change. I briefly... View full entry

  • SUMMER QUOTES | The Limit

    Steve Fuchs
    Aug 29, '05 4:11 AM EST

    Tagline from the movie "Take it to the Limit" (2000) "You can't reach the top if you're afraid to fall."Movie Synopsis A troubled city-kid's parents try to straighten him out by sending him to live in the wilderness with his Uncle. Upon his arrival, he finds even more trouble when an attractive... View full entry

  • SUMMER QUOTES | LA Ghost Town

    Steve Fuchs
    Aug 15, '05 12:33 AM EST

    The Specials' "Ghost Town" (exerpt) This town, is coming like a ghost town Why must the youth fight against themselves? Government leaving the youth on the shelf --Jerry DammersGhost Town | The Specials Ghost Town | Thesis or Anti-Thesis? Ghost Town | Being Labeled is a Vicious Circle...The... View full entry

  • SUMMER QUOTES | Batman

    Steve Fuchs
    Jul 29, '05 1:59 AM EST

    Batman Begins (2005) "The will is everything. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely... a legend. Are you ready to begin?"-- Ducard (Liam Neeson)Batman Begins | Man Batman Begins | More than a Man Batman Begins | Symbol... View full entry

  • Secret Emails...

    Steve Fuchs
    Jun 4, '05 7:42 AM EST

    (found emails... shhhhh)RESPONSE #2 Hi Guys... (Herman pun intended) My little hide plase in Aaarjentina is almos finish. Is why I no post. Somebody help me find sent kee to send emales? Anydoby going NY? Hi friends -- God I miss the irreverent, interstudio banter. Funny thing is... I was drinking... View full entry

  • Millin' ain't easy...

    Steve Fuchs
    Apr 10, '05 4:58 AM EST

    Ya, being the milling pimp ain't easy. A few of us in studio are working on a milling job that has taken 2 days to coordinate and prep. Let's just say it is a favor for a good friend -- and I take on favors a little too easy. The good thing is I've learned a lot about preparing deeper mills and 2D... View full entry

  • Long time no blog... Aggregating

    Steve Fuchs
    Mar 31, '05 10:05 PM EST

    I've been wrapped up in "cellular aggregation" for the past few months. A big break-thru occurred last week when I began to understand the concept and how it translates to my learning/design process. As Hernan said, this first year is about being labotomized; though, this semester is about a more... View full entry

  • GENR8 is Great!

    Steve Fuchs
    Feb 16, '05 6:07 PM EST

    GENR8 is great! Or so the mantra goes. I know this is purely a study of form, but the complexity created with this Maya script is amazing. Each bleeb was created with one line of code. For example... genr8 -n 5 -ds -t 4 -a 0 0 4 -r 0 0 1.5 -a 5 0 0 -a -5 0 0 -a 0 5 0 -a 0 -3 0 -ba 180 -g... View full entry

  • FLW's Ennis House = Next Dodge Ball Court?

    Steve Fuchs
    Feb 10, '05 4:24 AM EST

    OK. We're back to business. The semester has started and our studio (let's rephrase that as "my perception of our studio"... if it's not clear to those that read this blog I speak for myself only.) has started off with a big dud. Besides an all-school electrical problem which crippled the school... View full entry

  • RETRO POSTS (Pre-Archinect)

    Steve Fuchs
    Jan 13, '05 1:06 PM EST

    This is a great way to read pre-archinect posts from my old (personal) blog, and a good way to start from the beginning of my SCI-Arc story.RETRO POST #01: In the beginning...Authored on 2004-04-21 @ 01:57:51 AMRETRO POST #02: Personal Blog ColophonAuthored on 2004-04-21 @ 04:02:05 AMRETRO POST... View full entry

  • All School Meeting & Santa

    Steve Fuchs
    Dec 5, '04 3:24 PM EST

    Yes, there has been some drama going on; we as a student body are organizing our thoughts for the planned meeting in January. I for one, as a graduate student in the M.Arch2 program, am satisfied with our instructors, our curriculum and the school in general. Though, that seems not to be the... View full entry


    Steve Fuchs
    Nov 24, '04 4:23 PM EST

    I'm hungry. Thanksgiving Feast in the Main Space today. OH BOY! Thanks Bill for the years of dedication :) Funny thing is... my SoftTECH project looks like a Turkey. I've been exploring cosmetic surgery as it relates to architecture, specifically how the Folding Episode has a relationship with the... View full entry

  • MIDTERM: Studio Project

    Steve Fuchs
    Nov 16, '04 5:21 PM EST

    Alas... some of us have gotten a little sleep. ZzzZzzzz.... Huh? Why am I typing again? Oh ya... midterm.2GAX: Interminate Architectures (From the course catalog) Programmatics, geotechnics, structure, mechanics, commerce and environment are among the many fields which enable architecture to... View full entry

  • Representation vs Simulation

    Steve Fuchs
    Nov 12, '04 2:56 PM EST

    Midterms are almost over! I need to get the pics ready and sanitize my discussion about the first half of the semester... while you wait, check this out.The Unreal RUNTIME is free! It is a... View full entry

  • SCI-Arc F.A.Q. #2 (not Sci-ARC)

    Steve Fuchs
    Oct 28, '04 4:26 AM EST

    More answers to frequently asked questions... with a little late night twist (mostly uncensored because of a few beers and Zip after the KICKASS lecture presentation by plexus r+d. Shout out to Kevin, Jon and Rachel, you know the bright girl with the otherworldly, infectious laugh... you are truly... View full entry

  • SCI-Arc Study Abroad Fall 2005 (where?)

    Steve Fuchs
    Oct 27, '04 2:21 PM EST

    A few of us are adding to a thread I started yesterday on Archinect and we'd appreciate any experience and expertise you blog readers have in Study Abroad programs (especially, but not limited to, design and/or architectural programs). Location, collaboration, studio topic, and sponsorship all... View full entry

  • SCI-Arc F.A.Q. for Newbies and Shoobies

    Steve Fuchs
    Oct 20, '04 12:08 PM EST

    Answers to a few questions from a prospective student's email...Q: I discovered Archinect a few months ago, and I have to say that your posts so far have been some of the most informative, and entertaining!! Being someone looking for the perfect MArch program, getting past the school websites and... View full entry

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