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Parachute Home

Premium home goods in an immersive showroom.

The design and construction of the 1,250-square-foot retail location for Parachute Home encompasses a number of spaces that overlap to create a congruent experience for customers entering the store. Matching the company’s standards and branding, Blitz created an immersive residential experience.

For Parachute Home’s first San Francisco location, Blitz upheld the original architecture of the neighborhood and incorporated location-specific décor and features, a duality seen in all Parachute locations.

With custom furnishings, lounge seating, and abstract artwork, the space offers guests a warm and welcoming home-like atmosphere that deviates from the typical retail models of today. Spaces are layered to create an immersive, residentially inspired shopping experience with clear circulation and abundant natural light.

The brand’s various product lines are displayed in a manner that creates a natural path of movement for customers throughout the store. A lounge area welcomes guests with a daybed upholstered in the brand’s own fabric to provide comfortable seating spaces for lolling about. Customers are then met with bedding and bath product offerings in a space that includes a fully functional sink set within an arched recess, which invites customers to test the brand’s plush bathroom towels for softness and absorbency.

The result is a layout that welcomes customers to authentically engage with Parachute’s products and linger within the space.

Materiality played a large role in enhancing the design. The dark tones of the exterior and Douglas fire wood floors complement the products’ raw, neutral materials. The color palette incorporates the city’s modern and industrial influence with hints of brass. To make the product line the focal point of the design, Blitz developed a scheme that was subtle and simple, to add depth to the customer’s shopping experience.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Firm Role: Blitz provided Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, and Lighting Design services