Begum Baysun

Begum Baysun

Los Angeles, CA, US


A Block in Barcelona

The strength of the Barcelona’s Eixample -meaning extension in Catalane- comes from its urban plan, a visionary project designed by Ildefons Cerdà in 1859. The engineer used an orthogonal and regular grid to solve the mobility through the industrial city. However, the city of Barcelona has a Gothic neighbourhood where the Cerdà system totally dissolves and dissappears. In this project, the orthogonality if Cerdà system (grid) and the irregularity of Gothic system (non-gird) were used to design a whole new block in the city of Barcelona.

An analysis of the Cerdà and Gothic Sytems in Barcelona and results when they cross-over.

The top part of the block is defined by the orthogonal grid system of Cerdà. The bottom part is inpired by the idea of domes and curvilinearity of the Gothic System.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: A city block