Arthur Perez

Arthur Perez

San Mateo, CA, US


Docks requalification - «Les Bassins a Flots»

“Bassins à Flot” is an extraordinary part of the city for a host of reasons: its maritime and manufacturing past; its shape dictated by the harbor; its role in the Bordeaux urban development project, and its recognition as a heritage site that has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2007. Currently under construction, the urban project can be viewed as a manifesto for a fresh approach to the city, that priorities synergies between the various stakeholders, innovation and the ability to listen in a bid to delineate tomorrow’s way of living the city. Open ended, the master plan takes shape in response to development opportunities, the rate of construction of public amenities and the progress of development operations. The urban project seeks as far as possible to preserve existing routes by creating openings onto the docks and so landscaped paths are being introduced between new and existing buildings. Existing houses blocks are to remain and will in turn determine the scope of the new constructions which must comply with predefined layout principles, i.e. perpendicular to the harbor area, to ensure that all residents enjoy equally good views. Inspired by existing urban forms, the proposed building types -live- in warehouse small tower and hybrid buildings – go hand in hand with the focus on mixed usages. A workshop takes place monthly. This is where most of the interaction between the various actors involved in the urban project takes place, using a modus operandi based on a constant exchange of information and guidelines.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bordeaux, FR
My Role: Urban Planner project manager