Manish Aggarwal

Manish Aggarwal

New York, NY, US

Multi Family High Rise Residential + Mix Use Projects-01
Multi Family High Rise Residential + Mix Use Projects-01

Multi Family - High Rise Residential + Mix Use Projects at IBI Group

IBI / HB Architects (IBI Group) – (Multi Family Mixed-use High-Rise Projects)
• 5B EAST, Casino Residential, Vancouver- Currently Managing Project for Design and Development Permit.
• ALEXANDRA- Bidwell/Davie, Vancouver- Managed the Project from DP, Building Permit and construction drawings, now at const. administration + RFIs.
• 1349 GRANVILLE, Vancouver- Managed the project for conceptualization, Design Development, Rezoning.
• PIERS-PINNECAL, Vancouver- Contributed in Building Permit, Construction Drawings, and Construction Details.
• BURRARD GATEWAY, Vancouver - Design Development, Rezoning.
• OPSAL STEEL, Vancouver – Managed conceptualization, Design Development, Rezoning.
• WESBROOK, UBC. – Managed Design Development, Rezoning.
• OLYMPIC BROADCAST CENTER, Convention centre (internal Design).-Assembling construction documents, details and construction drawing.
• THUNDER MOUNTAIN LODGE, Kirkwood, CALIFORNIA: Resort Housing project. Responsibilities at Building Permit and construction drawings, assembling construction documents and providing technical details, RFIs, but also assisting in space planning, design, communication and coordination with consultants.
• ZAYED SPORTS CITY, Abu Dhabi: 2000 Acers high-rise residential, office/commercial, retail project.- Conceptualization and Design

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Status: Built
Location: Vancouver BC Canada
My Role: Project Architect