Artur Nesterenko

Artur Nesterenko

Los Angeles, CA, US


PLAN(et) B

Green architecture and a green way of life have become standard in the late 20th century and early 21 centuries. Nevertheless we humans are still consuming more natural resources than what the PLANET EARTH can generate, which leads to a chronic natural deficit that is more frightening than any other deficit we might come across.

Scientists believe the earth will have it sixth mass extinction soon, which could mean in the next 30years; a quarter of all known mammals and a tenth of all bird species might die out due to the rapid climate change, lack of natural resources or simply any natural disaster or war. These endangered animals are important to the ecosystem,carrying vital information that would be lost upon extinction. In addition to the animals, seeds can be lost as well, which can lead to poverty or hunger.

Plan B involves storing DNAs in freezers, seeds from around the globe in seed vaults, important data,literature and science books, art pieces, or any other valuable piece of information. Plan B also houses an indoor botanical garden with a mountain and a river, chemistry labs, and a water reservoir. It is located on San Gabriel Mountains in California due to its altitude and the amount of water that is available on the mountain. Plan B uses water and sun to generate its own energy, which would not require human maintenance.

Thus in the event of a natural disaster, war, or resources vanishing, there would be an edifice in Pasadena where the most significant possessions of human kind is kept for future habitants of earth to use, clone or study.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Gabriel Mountains