Chicago, IL

Chicago Expander at Archeworks - Spring Workshops

Tue, Mar 19 '13 - Sat, May 4 '13
Chicago, IL, US

The Chicago Expander at Archeworks is a research initiative that brings together thinkers, designers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to construct new discourses on regionalism, and develop new models addressing large- and small-scale urban design. Co-directed by Iker Gil and Antonio Petrov, the Chicago Expander aims to spatialize Chicago as a larger geographic entity, activating critical questions that challenge conventional boundaries and perceptions about the city, the region, and its position in the world. The Chicago Expander comprises public lectures, workshops and an

The spring 2013 Chicago Expander workshops will establish a theoretical framework for examining energy, economy and agency, and the implications on architectural, urban and regional developments. Much of the analysis for these research seminars comes from critical urban and regional theory, environmental geopolitics, ecology, social anthropology, and economics. Individuals with diverse disciplinary backgrounds are welcome to apply to one or both workshops.


Workshop One: Energy and Economy

In this workshop we will investigate the spatial "potentials" of energy in the Chicago region. Using a theoretical framework, we will redefine and reposition understandings of urban and regional space in relation to energy infrastructure with the goal of strengthening Chicago's potential of playing a leading role in a sustainable global economy.

Dates: Four weekday evening sessions (6-8pm) Mar 19, Mar 21, Apr 2 & Apr 4
Two Saturday sessions (10am-6pm) Mar 23 & Apr 6
Tuition: $500
Application Deadline: March 8, 2013


Workshop Two: Agency

This workshop will focus on reclaiming agency, and shaping larger questions of scales and contexts related to infrastructural problems, urban and ecological systems, and cultural and regional issues. We will lay the foundation to reexamine and develop new design-driven strategies for reshaping region formation processes in Chicago.

Dates: Four weekday evenings sessions (6-8pm) Apr 15, Apr 16, Apr 30 & May 2
Two Saturday sessions (10am-6pm) Apr 20 & May 4
Tuition: $500
Application Deadline: April 5, 2013

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