Anastasia Prosina

Anastasia Prosina

Los Angeles, CA, US


Kaunas Ciurlionis Concert centrer

Situated on the edge of the Nemunas River with the H. and O. Minkovskiu street to the south, the overall masterplan of the Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre is designed with the concert centre as a primary strategic urban portal. It’s a gateway
connecting the old and the new. The existing old town district of Kaunas and its pedestrian promenade will be linked to the southern river edge of the city through the new cultural portal. The masterplan will maximise views to and from the city and river by its inherent urban voids and undulations. It will integrate new cultural public realm spaces that will create dynamic social-gathering spaces for the city
and link the Nemunas river as a major urban feature. From the Vytautas the Great Bridge, the Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre is a new gateway to the
emergence of Kaunas as a cultural capital of Europe.

The Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre is organized within a conceptual
interface of two horizontal planes: Ground and Sky. These two horizontal plans
form an interstitial interaction that drives the public realm experience and articulating the functional program of this new cultural beacon. These two-in
verse undulations create unique fluid and sinuous urban portals that frame
the Nemunas River, Kaunas’s city skyline and the horizon. Converging to form
a dynamic and multi- interstitial urban portal, the public realm is articulated
by the undulating ground plan and the concert hall’s program is formed by the
inversed undulation of the sky plan from above.

Reducing the architectural language to a simple and abstract delineation, we
seek to generate a unique urban edifice that is stripped of all stylistic and semantic interpretations. It stands at the edge of the Nemunas river and reflects
back to the city and points to the future and its destiny. 


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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hong Kong, HK
My Role: Conceptual Designer, CAD work

Team is working on the competition
Team is working on the competition