Angel Welp

Angel Welp

Brooklyn, NY, US


Graduate Thesis

Transgressive Architecture as the Catalyst for new Social Order:

Re-Occupying Alcatraz Island.

Architecture is currently in the state of reactionary forms that are disconnected from our thoughts and actions. I believe that our thoughts and actions  can form architecture which will become the instigator for awakening individual consciousness to the layers of oppresion, dissaticfaction, and suppression in our current social order. I began by implementing the action of protest and occupation on a site. This action represents the dissatisfaction with Government suppression and reveals the need for education and protest. At this site I am creating obstacles that reveal the history of the prison, the Native American occupation, and the passive observance that individuals take when visiting the site in it's current state as a national park and tourist attraction. This transgressive architecture will disrupt individuals consciousness, bring awareness of government suppression to the forefront of our minds, and instigate social change towards a new world order where architecture is viewed as an active part of our state of existence.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US
My Role: Designer