Andrew Adegbamigbe

Andrew Adegbamigbe

Indianapolis, IN, US


Andrew Ade Resume 2013

Born in Lagos Nigeria where I attended numerous Primary schools.
I Developed an interest in fine arts and music by age six.
Received an academic promotion based on performance and achievements in
the second grade, skipping the third grade level and advancing to the fourth.
Gained exposure to foreign cultures at a young age through extensive travel.
Relocated to the U.S. permanently with to begin my secondary education at age 10.
Attended ninth and tenth grade at Northwest High School in Indianapolis.
Attended eleventh and twelfth grade at Avon High School in Avon Indiana.
Graduated High School at age 16 in 2003
Enrolled in the Ball State Connect program at Ivy-Tech Community College in August 2003. Completed Required credits to transfer in May 2004.
Gained admission into Ball State University in January 2005.
Started independent music production partnership in June 2005.
Recorded, produced, and released first studio album independently in 2007.
Graduated from Ball State University in May 2009.
Began Internship at MSKTD & Associates inc. January 2010
Served the Youth Music Exchange Program as assistant program director January - July 2010.
Recorded and released second studio album independently in October 2010.
Resigned from MSKTD & Associated to begin Masters education in July 2011.
Started Masters Program in August 2011 at Illinois Institute of Technology
Employed as a student by IIT office of Marketing and Communications
Graduated from IIT in May of 2013.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Indianapolis, IN, US
My Role: Architect